It’s A Red October Thing…

  Hi guys. My deepest apologies for not writing in quite some time. I’m assuming you don’t live under a rock considering you’re using the internet and that you know the Reds are in the Playoffs. Now, two years ago, that statement was such a big thing for the city. The fact that we were playing baseball in October was a huge deal. This time, it means a little more. This city expects a little more. Actually, this city expects A LOT more. We’re not going to settle for hosting a playoff game for the first time in over ten years. We want to host a WORLD SERIES game. Anything less than that, most Reds fans will be disappointed.

I know some people still hate Dusty Baker and will criticize every move he makes. In my own personal opinion, he’s not the best manager for our organization. I think there are other managers out there that are more suited to manage the type of roster we have. With that being said, we did win 97 games this year. One win away from the best record in baseball. No matter how dumb his line up looks through your eyes, it’s worked almost 60% of the time. If that isn’t good enough for you, you should probably find a new sport.

I’m very proud of this team. There will be a lot to remember from this season, even before we win the World Series. The emergence of Chapman as our lights out closer. Our original starting rotation pitching every game but one (that was only because of a double-header). Cueto being the Cy Young candidate all season. Mat Latos emerging as our dominate number 2 guy. Bronson Arroyo being well, Bronson Arroyo. Leake holding his own with a solid 8-9 record. And we can’t forget Homer. There are a few memories from the Reds that will stick with me forever. Sitting in the backseat of a car, watching Homer Bailey throw a no-hitter on my phone will be one of them. I don’t even know how to describe that feeling. I only wish it could’ve been at GABP, in front of Reds fans.

Our offense was our offense. Getting hits and scoring runs when we needed to. Todd Frazier provided a huge spark, playing wherever and whenever we needed him. Filling in for both Rolen and Votto when they went down with injuries. He’s probably not going to win Rookie of the Year, but he’s definitely a contender for TEAM MVP.

The biggest piece to this playoff contending team is by far our bullpen. Going from 11th in the league last year with 3.55 era to 1st this year with a 2.65. It’s hard to be confident handing the ball over to a relief pitcher in the 7th inning when you’re only up one run. We did that. We did that with confidence. Marshall, Broxton, Ondrusek, Arredondo, CHAPMAN. Then of course when we were down and needed some help we had Hoover, Simon and Lecure to mop up and give us a chance to come back. We are where we are because of them.

San Francisco is a very good team. They have a very good rotation starting with their ace Matt Cain. They have a good offense led by batting champ Buster Posey. Their Achilles heal is their bullpen. They fell in the middle of the league with a 3.56 era. I think if we can get to their bullpen early, this will be a quick series.

SWEEP. That’s my prediction.

As always, comments are welcome. Questions may be answered. Concerns may be looked over.


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